Who is dipplr?

After countless hours in brightly lit conference rooms reviewing analytical reports, discussing options and presenting practical and actionable solutions only to watch the cogs of the corporate entity lull along, Kevin and Derek took a step back and asked a very difficult question…  why?  There has got to be a better way.  Turns out, there is.

Instead of reporting and calling it day we decided to do what no one in our corporate experiences had seemed to think of.  ACT on it.  Act on the reporting!  Simple answer to a complex question, right?  And here we are today, working with innovative and driven analysts who know there is more to analytics than reporting.  There is action.  And now there’s dipplr.

Kevin Burt
Kevin is an innovative and results-driven professional with extensive experience leading online solutions from concept to market. Kevin has a strong background in lean analytics, big data evaluation, predictive modelling, search optimization, product and project development across a diverse range of industries with emphasis on focusing on the customer to enhance market performance and drive industry trends.  Kevin enjoys cooking, reading, travelling and spending time with friends and family in Chicago and across the globe.

Derek Thopy
Along with Kevin, Derek brings over 13 years of experience in web development, digital marketing, e-commerce, UX/UI design and content management solutions to dipplrs’ clients.  With vast agency experience, Derek’s focus with traditional online marketing, digital integration and mobile marketing deliver on key data insights both for internal clients and the broader landscape of online industries. Derek lives with his wife and their rescue dog in Chicago and enjoys breaking and fixing things.

Ryan Royal
Ryan has over 12 years of experience in the the field of information and interactive technologies. Deep experience in complex web based application development with recent focus on overseeing large scale projects and diverse project teams. Ryan has successfully transcended the technical boundaries by managing teams that specialize in CSS, HTML5, Node.js, JQuery, Dojo, Flash, .NET, JAVA, Rails, PHP & iOS.

One thing Ryan has learned over his career is that having a solid understanding of proven frameworks has allowed him to provide proper estimates, adapt to rapidly changing technical environments, the ability to identify risk, develop efficiencies, develop mitigation plans as well as provide a challenging and rewarding work environment.

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