Q.  Data is everywhere.  Why do I need dipplr’s assistance?

A.  You’re absolutely right, data is everywhere.  That’s a good thing and a bad thing.  And, that’s why you might need dipplr!  We setup your web analytic tools to more effectively meet your business needs.  Every business is different and we work with you to determine your online objectives.  From there, we setup your analytical tools to provide actionable quantitative and qualitative results.  We help you TAKE ACTION!

Q.  How does dipplr know what information I need to be successful online?

A.  We’ve been doing this a long time with a wide range of clients.  From online retailers, consumer services, marketing and public relations firms, healthcare providers, educational organizations and non-profits, we’ve seen it all!  From this experience we’ve gained the analytical insight to address the challenges and opportunities that will help you, based on your specific goals, gain success online.

Q.  How does dipplr access my web analytics platform?

A.  All online analytical platforms offer administrative login credentials.  All you need is a Google Analytics account and we can start on our site audit and evaluation.

Q.  Web analytics is one thing – what about all this other data in our database?

A.  Not a problem.  Our engineers are well versed with various systems, and as long as we have a contact on your end to pull data for us, we’ll be in good shape to provide a clear and concise approach to improve your online performance.

Q.  What does dipplr do with my information?

A.  We dive into it, digest it and report back with you our findings.  Then, we sit down with you to discuss where there are opportunities for improvement and work with you to implement those recommendations.  This is your data and will never share your data with anyone.  Please see our Privacy Policy for more details!

Q.  Ok, dipplr, now you have our data.  What now ?

A.  Now we work with you on recommendations, best practices and strategies to help you perform better online.  We provide these insights, along with plans for implementation, to your internal teams for review and dialogue.  If you’d like, we’ll work together to assemble a plan of action and provide you with the tools to evaluate your online efforts moving forward.

Q.  Does dipplr offer any additional services beyond analysis and strategic recommendations ?

A.  Why yes, yes we do.  We’ve managed search engine marketing campaigns, implemented search engine optimization techniques, advised on site architecture and taxonomy.  We are confident in our analytical approach and are looking forward to a long-lasting relationship with your team.  Once we’ve had the chance to review your business needs we’ll work with you to make sure you have the tools and direction you need to find success online.

Q.  How long does all this take?

A.  We work with you to meet your needs.  Initial analysis and recommendations may take a few days.  Larger, more involved projects and campaigns may take longer.  It’s entirely up to you!

Q.  Why dipplr?

A.  Because we LOVE our clients and are here to build lasting relationships based on empirical trust!
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